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Arizona Classic Exterminating LLC is the bird removal specialist you can trust to rid your property of all local bird species and their nests. We are licensed, trained, and experienced professionals in pest control, and bird control is one of our company’s staple services.

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Professional Bird Control: Schedule a Home Inspection

While birds might seem harmless, they are actually disruptive pests that can carry potentially dangerous diseases and materials into your home. What’s more, birds are often loud and the noise can disrupt your day-to-day life at home.

When you contact us, the first thing we’ll do is set up a no-obligation home inspection with you at your earliest convenience. When it suits you, we’ll send one of our qualified team members on-site to determine:

  • What species of bird you’re dealing with
  • Where the bird’s access point is
  • Identify damages and potential contaminations
  • Determine the best removal strategy

Based on this thorough property evaluation, we’ll be able to recommend a removal strategy and inform you of what it will entail step-by-step. Typically, our technicians choose the technique on a case-by-case basis, but you can count on us to relay all the information you need to know during your personalized consultation.

We’ll also provide you with a 100% no-obligation cost estimate for your budgeting convenience. As a company, we like to be totally transparent from beginning to end. Plus, we’re so confident that our rates are competitive, we believe you won’t find better value anywhere else.

Humane Bird Control Service

As a socially responsible company, we conduct humane bird control practices that are compliant with all local, state, and federal industry regulations. We take every precaution to ensure our removal practices don’t cause undue stress or injury to the birds. Our wildlife technicians are knowledgeable about all bird species native to the Holbrook area and are up-to-date on the latest intervention protocols for a safe removal process.

Bird Nest Removal Service

Our bird removal strategies are always safe, ethical, and effective. Our animal control technicians, dressed in proper protective gear, will remove the birds from your property. In typical homes, birds like to nest in vents, roofs, and chimneys. Nest can span several feet, but we always make sure to completely remove the nest materials and clean the area of droppings and other related messes.

We’ll relocate the birds off-site, or, if there are babies in the nest, we’ll relocate the nest and birds into a separate protective container nearby that allows the mother bird to continue feeding the babies until they reach maturity and leave the nest. Finally, we’ll secure your property’s access points to prevent future re-entry. Our personable technicians will also help you with other bird deterrents you can use to avoid similar problems in the future.

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