Bee Removal in Holbrook

Arizona Classic Exterminating LLC offers a quick and cost-effective bee removal service that will have your home buzz-free in no time. Our technicians execute humane bee relocation in strict adherence to all industry regulations.

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Professional Bee Removal

Don’t risk getting stung. When you detect a wasp or beehive inside or outside your home, contact the pros straight away. We specialize in bee control and have mastered the art of safely removing bees while leaving little to no damage behind.

Our company is a full-service pest control company licensed, insured, and bonded to deal with all kinds of bees and wasps according to local, state, and federal regulations. Over the years, some of the pests we’ve removed have included:

  • Honey bees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Bumblebees
  • Yellow jackets
  • Boldfaced hornets
  • Paper wasps
  • And more

We service both residential and commercial sectors alike. Roofs, walls, backyards—you name it—wherever bees don’t belong, we can help.

Call the Bee Exterminators for a Quote

Have you detected a bee swarm or nest at home? We recommend staying clear of the area to avoid being stung, especially if you or someone else nearby may have a bee sting allergy. Generally, bees won’t sting unless agitated, but we suggest exercising extreme caution as stings can be painful, and sometimes even fatal. Contact us by phone as soon as possible, and let us know the location and description of the infestation.

At the earliest convenience, we’ll send a licensed technician to the scene to assess the scope of the job and inform you of your removal options. Our recommended strategy will vary depending on the location of the nest, the size of the colony, and the species of the bee. Rest assured, we always wear adequate protective gear and carefully examine potential bee flight paths to minimize risk from beginning to end.

From there, we’ll lay out a cost breakdown for your consideration. If you choose to hire us as your local pest control technician, we’ll proceed with the proposed removal strategy in the shortest delay.

Bee Removal Follow-Up

When the bees are gone, we’ll follow-up with you to ensure they stay gone. Our technicians will thoroughly scrape and clean the area where the hive was located and, when possible, seal the cavity to prevent future intrusion.

You can count on our personable staff members to help you take preventative action against future infestations, too. Some things you can do to deter bees include:

  • Ensure outdoor garbage bins have sealed, fitting lids.
  • Keep garbage bins away from the property.
  • Refrain from leaving open food and beverage items outdoors.
  • Inspect your property frequently for nests.

We’re not finished until the last bee is gone.

Call for Bee and Wasp Removal

Have you found an unwelcome bee buzzing on your property? Make your premises bee-free with one simple action: call Arizona Classic Exterminating LLC. We’re Holbrook’s pest control experts you can trust for effective bee removal at competitive rates.

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